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We do all types of damp proofing.

Rising damp Lateral damp Penetrating damp Basements

Tanking and damp proofing plaster.

Rising damp.

  Step 1: Remove all affected plaster.

Step2: brush wall to remove all residue.

Step 3: Apply glue back to surface.

Step 4: Drill 12mm holes at 100mm intervals in the mortar course. Inject dpc cream into the 12mm holes.

  Step 5: Plug drill holes with plug mix so that the chemical damp course does not run out. 

  Step 6. Apply 2 coats of cementitious slurry.

  Step 7. Replaster walls.

We offer a full service and up to 10 year guarantee.

Lateral damp occurs when a wall supporting/retaining soil show signs of damp on expose side of the wall. This treatment of an affected wall involve removing the damage plaster, apply a cementitious latex slurry.

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